Welcome to Europa Dentistry

With nowday’s health care costs for medical procedures,it is becoming more and more difficult to find quality and affordable treatment at the same time.

Choose us and you can have both while visiting a country with fascinating culture and history.

Europa Dentistry is a Hungarian-Italian international organisation specialised in dental tourism in Budapest, Hungary, having a worldwide excellent reputation for providing quality dental care due to the education system (dentistry programs offered by the Hungarian universities are top of the class), training and professionalism. We offer you excellent service at very competitive prices: generally less than half the cost of the same treatment in England and other parts of Western Europe. 
You can save up even more than 60-70% dental costs and enjoy a holiday in the scenic and historic Budapest for far less than you would  pay in other european countries for the dentistry alone, however, there is no compromise in quality.

We  are greeting our patients from whole Europe with our modern technologies, the newest treating methods and materials, an elegant environment, a warm welcome, friendliness, hospitality, and high level of standards which can satisfy all demands of our customers.

Moreover, Italian and Hungarian medical professionals are collaborating together in order to ensure specific treatment and to be able to provide perfect service for each and every problem

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